An app that helps you to start
traveling in new ways

WAYFARER wants to encourage you to experience your hometown, a new city or even a different country from new perspectives that differ from usual points of interest. With the help of tasks and parameters, it takes you on a new adventure.

For your next journey, leave the travel guide at home and give these 52 new ways of traveling a shot with a little help from WAYFARER. Some will be easy, some will be more challenging, and maybe some just do not work out at every place. But that’s the fun thing about it, you just cannot know what will await you around the corner.

How It Works

Start your next travel with an adventure.

Choose a way

You can browse through 52 ways or use filters to personalize your experience.

Start your adventure

You can do it by yourself or take your friends along.

Share your experience

Let the community know how your adventure went and share pictures, videos, and more with them.

52 Ways

Examples of the 52 New Ways of Traveling.


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Graphic Designer, Photographer

Wayfarer founder and travel lover. Born in Kyrgyzstan, grown up in Germany, Bachelor of Arts in communication design at University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim, Master of Arts in Graphic Design at San Diego State. I love adventures, trying new things and Mtn Dew.


Software Developer, Full stack engineer

Northern California native currently living in Maui. Experimenter of new technologies. Specializes in Web application development. Above all, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Other passions include traveling, guitar, surfing, and trying new beers.

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